23 Jul 2012

Fat Girl Gone Skinny!!!

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My journey began in July 2010, when I decided to make a change in my life. My father passed away from major health issues and my doctor told me I would need insulin soon if I did not lose weight and get my eating under control. Me! Insulin! I said to myself, “There is no way in HELL I can end up on more medication!!” I was already on Type 2 diabetes medicine and pricking my finger three times a day.

After doing everything I knew from starvation to HGC to P90x to Crossfit and reading every fitness personality’s books, I still saw no real progress. The more my body stayed the same the more defeated I felt on the inside.
In earlier 2011 a friend and I were talking about overall goals and she asked me to write a promise note to myself. She probably was tired of hearing me talk about losing weight and being healthy. So I wrote the contract to myself and  taped it to my bathroom mirror. At this point I was ready for a change and tired of failed attempts. I read this contact to myself everyday.


After my discussion with her I was all jazzed and excited. I decided to do a consult with a trainer my another friend ( http://www.fitkenyangirl.com/) had huge success with.

Enter Roc and Fitness pros family….and the rest is still in the making.

During majority of my twenties I was overweight, unhappy, and unsatisfied.  I would have never thought in a million years that I would have made this type of progress in the last 16 months. My life has not only changed physically but MENTALLY I am a different person.

The purpose of this site is to INSPIRE ( and ramble about whatever crosses my mind) and show people that it’s possible to do anything YOU put YOUR mind too.

Keyword: YOUR MIND!!!

My dream has always been to be healthy, super fit, and athletic. Oh and of course to walk the stage and place 1st. DUH… :)

Vee Bleu

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