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29 Mar 2013

Stop looking back – keep your eyes forward.

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Somedays I look back at my life and think damn I have come far. Then I get a reminder of the past and get sad sometimes because I can’t always change everything. We are only in total control of ourselves (mind &body). With that being said instead of looking at the past, I am GRATEFUL for my TODAY. Can’t do **** about what happen yesterday. I have to live in the NOW and the present moment. Life is too wonderful to be sad and blue over stuff that is total out of your control.

Update on Competition Progress:

I did not participate in what i thought my 1st show was going to be this past Saturday.  At first I was alittle bummed about it, but I know everything happens the way it is suppose to . So now I am 4 weeks out from my 1st show and alot of feeling and emotions are coming up. I am scared, nervous, happy and excited all at the same time. All I can do is do my best from this point forward. Laser Focus Time!!!

Vee Bleu
Love Life! Be Fit!
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